A unique solution for Rural, towns & Semi Urban areas. This unique product comes with following features 1. Up to 06 hrs of Backup
2. 2 LED Light with cables for plug & play
3. Option for a DC Fan
4. USB Mobile charging point
5. Multiple Mobile Charging USB cable
6. Compact Design to carry any where easily
7. Solar Module provided for battery charging
8. AC Adaptor provided for Mains charging
9. Comes with one year replacement warranty.

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If MPPT is not capable of charging batteries then mains charger become active to charge the batteries and load is fed from mains. Once the batteries are fully charged load is automatically shifted to inverter operating on solar & batteries. Static PCU are available from 1 -1 5KVA, Single phase input and single phase output. Static PCU with peak grid demand are available on request.

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