We manufacture all type of AC distribution BOX and DC Distribution box, DC FUSE panel etc for solar application ranging from 1KWp to 500KWp. The boxes are customized as per the technical requirement of the project. The boxes are suitable for all solar application and govt projects. The electrical parameters can be set as per need with the degree of protection required for input and output.


Powdered coated iron box as well as IP boxes also available AC and DC monitoring available
External connectors for easy & quick connection
Customized solution for Govt.
Projects Available for 1 KWp to 500 Kwp Fuse panels are also made .

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If MPPT is not capable of charging batteries then mains charger become active to charge the batteries and load is fed from mains. Once the batteries are fully charged load is automatically shifted to inverter operating on solar & batteries. Static PCU are available from 1 -1 5KVA, Single phase input and single phase output. Static PCU with peak grid demand are available on request.

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